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What is Customer experience (CX)

Posted on Jun 13, 2017 by Administrator

Can it be measured? There are various KPI’s like NPS, CSAT, CES. In today’s time it is also defined in terms of Likes, Share, Retweets, Trending, Pins etc.

Is there a way to maximize it? There are tonnes of articles and ways which are out there but the most basic and common advice is to make it effortless for the customer and which can probably only be achieved by being present on customers mobile.

So what are we talking about. In simple terms, following :-

  • Create Convenience through the App. Make it super effortless. For example, your website may be great but it requires customer to google you and then goto your website. But if you have a mobile app then its effortless, you send him a teaser notification and he clicks on it and here he comes.
  • Give Rewards to Customers to Ensure Loyalty – Delight him with some unexpected candy
  • Add Live Chat to Improve Customer Engagement
  • Create impromptu lively discussions thru a bot or an executive – who cares as long as bot is well trained

Have i learnt this on my sojourn to some other planet. Certainly not and i bet you already know this. Then? because i want you to check us out and take that first step for your mobile presence.

By the way, I came across an intersting stats on For your ready reference, i am pasting it here


Your mobile presence can be a great evangelist for your brand. Do you disagree? If not then come check us out at

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