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Posted on Dec 15, 2017 by Administrator

Today (and going forward increasingly so), business processes have to be designed intertwined around their clientele.

The customer can no longer to be viewed as external to the enterprise, rather he is to be converted to the status of a stakeholder in it.

Right from conceptualizing a business idea, through the stages of design, development / production / marketing/ sales/ after-sales / obtaining feedback on acceptance, estimating the market potential and benchmarking against competition, the external client needs to be co-opted into the relevant business process verticals. Simultaneously, the “silo”nature of these enterprise business process verticals needsto be minimized!

The most effective method of achieving this outcome is undoubtedly centered on use of the Mobile Enterprise App.

Therein lies the rub!

Why would the user allow continued residence of the enterprises’ app on his precious phone? No one has any illusions on the fickleness of the target.

Hence, the problem needs to be addressed from TWO directions. The first is how the enterprise app maker can design an effectively engaging app, and the second is how the enterprise can make it worthwhile for the user to download and retain his app.

To my mind, the acronym ”ICE” defines best the most MAJOR conditions that need to be fulfilled to establish an environment benefitting both enterprises and clients:

  1. Integrated  -----Several enterprise portals accessible within a single App
  2. Customized  ---The App must cater to the individual preferences of each user
  3. Ever Engaged --Use of Geo-fencingtech to leverage Location based content.

As the business environment becomes hyper-competitive, more businesses are finding value in mobile apps to boost customer engagement. Apps enable the marketer to deliver a solid mobile presence, with customized interfaces geared specifically to provide customers with the best possible experience. Apps streamline the customer’s buying process, automate many routine tasks, and enable new possibilities, to drive engagement better.


Catering to the Growing Customer Preferences

More and more marketers now roll out customer facing apps, to remain engaged with their customers always, enabling customers to buy from anywhere, and at any time.


Leveraging Location-based Content

Beacon-based location marketing is now increasingly becoming attractive as a great way to boost customer engagement on mobile devices.


Smart marketers leverage beacon and geo-fencing technology to send location specific, contextual, and timely data-driven content to customers. They use beacons to push location-based offers and promotions, promote loyalty programs, and facilitate mobile-based proximity payments. Customers prefer such engagement, as evident from a survey by Aimia and Columbia Business School, where 69% of them agreed to share location data to receive location-based discounts.


Research estimates nine out of ten users in the United States enabling location services on their mobile phones.


Any debate on whether today’s businesses require customer facing apps is settled by the fact 2.6 billion people across the globe now have high-powered mobile devices at arm’s reach, at all times. Black Friday sales through mobile devices crossed the One billion dollar mark in 2016, indicating the preference of online shoppers to use their mobile devices for the buying process.

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