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On Client Connectivity.

Posted on Dec 15, 2017 by Administrator

Right up tothe time of the first purchase, the buyer is only a customer. If the enterprise does not want to leave money on the table, all efforts must now commence to establish a two-way channel of communication with the customer so that he is gradually drawn into a relationship beyond the management of after sales concerns.  This would lead to the feeling that the buying decision was in fact correct and the transactional nature of the relationship changes into an emotional one. The customer is now a client.

The client graduates through the stages of being a source of constructive feedback, product ambassador, source of referral, repeat purchases and several more relational avataars and it is easy to see the multiple reinforcing benefits that would accrue to both enterprise and client.

The relationship, though initially starting as an after-sales support, would strive to draw the buyer into interactionsacross the entire spectrum of the value chain mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Thus focus should shift beyond count of app downloads to continuous improvement in engagement. The following “typical” engagement progression should be our objective:

  1. The client enrolls in an after-sales service community
  2. He then graduates into self service mode
  3. Gaining confidence, assumes a mentorship role in this forum
  4. The enterprise involves him in market research collaboration
  5. A point in time sees client as an expert in product usage
  6. Subscribing to various schemes leads to loyalty to the brand being built
  7. Then starts the phase of evangelizing and referrals to the peer group.
  8. Appropriate rewards then perpetuate the cycle.


Leveraging the Power of Push and Pull Notification


As the adage goes, “out of sight, out of mind.” When a customer downloads an app, it remains on the phone, strengthening brand recognition. Regular visibility and interactions between the brand and the customer boost trust, so essential for transactions to take place.

A big advantage of the app is the ability to send push and in-app notifications to users. Such notifications, served virtually on a captive audience, influence the customer and deliver high success rates, as long as the notifications result in relevant and valuable content. The more the audience listens to the brand, the more they are likely to respond to marketing offers and chose the brand offerings when in need.

Push and in-app notifications are invaluable to inform users, especially younger demographics, of new products and offers. Most marketers use these options to reach out to customers proactively, with personalized offers. The best practice is to serve personalized recommendations based on factors such as most recent purchase, or the location of the user, offering direct value to users and warming them to the app experience. Generic push notifications are widely regarded as the junk mail of the mobile world, and may just push the user to uninstall the app.

Push notifications are also a great tool to counter cart abandonment. Sending instant push and in-app messaging, when the customer abandons the cart, enticing them with added offers, may be instrumental in changing their mind, and increase the likelihood of immediate conversion.

In-app messaging is proven to increase engagement by 26%. About 65% of users return to the app within a month, if push notifications are enabled.


This is not a Utopian view ---- the one’s who get farthest down this track will surely glimpse the Garden of Eden!




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