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Making After-sales work for You

Posted on Dec 15, 2017 by Administrator

Once a buyer has on-boarded, enterprises need to have a strategy to deal with them.

This is best done providing a self-care App? A Self-care App offers 24*7 support and immediate access to information without having to wait for an email response or a returned telephone call. The App provides quality and quantity of information as well as ease with which it can be accessed. Customers can access information and perform tasks without requiring any interaction with a representative of company.

The next step should be to get buyers integrated into the existing community of your product users.


How can there be benefit from an after-sales service community?

Users help each other when you give users a place to voice their concerns and issues, they’ll connect with each other, solve problems, and offer tips. This is beneficial especially when a problem can be solved in multiple ways.

This smart phone App enables customers to manage their warranties and invoices, locate the nearest relevant Customer Care Centre, register service complaints, check the status of these complaints without the hassle of a tiring engagement with the IVR menu of a company.

Once the customer registers his purchase with the seller, the App will help the customer receive updates on the latest products /services / deals /promotions /offers introduced by the company, thereby ensuring heightened personalized experience.

Value adds that can be provided include:

·         Self-logging of complaints

·         Self-resolution of issues using a knowledge base

·         Collaborative Spaces / Chat

·         Tracking of issues

·         Access to information (request status, IT service status, FAQ’s, and ‘how-to’s)

·         Self-logging of service requests

·         End-user password reset


Ultimately the app would empower end users to request services, find information, and log and resolve their own issues. Essentially, the end user becomes the first line of support. This will have a positive impact on enterprise productivity and customer satisfaction. For the service desk, the big benefit is the reduction in call volumes. The app will divert incidents, service requests, and queries away from the service desk. Instead they’re resolved by the end user or automatically routed to the right people in 2nd or 3rd line support, based on the information the end user submits.

Many incidents require multiple touch-points between the customer and enterprise during the time it takes to fix the issue – usually when the customer wants an update on progress. An online tracking capability in the app for incidents and service requests would prevent repeated calls to the service desk to check status.

End user productivity and satisfaction will improve the profitability of the enterprise.

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