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  • E-Warranty

    Provides the e-Warranty for the phone ( no need to have paper warranty or manual etc printed and kept in the box) and Customer can find nearest service centre from the app on a click.

  • Instant Updates/Notification

    Companies can reach customers thru push notifications for Call-To-Actions like Surveys, New product launches (cross sell/upsell), Important phone updates, Third party Advertisements.
    This becomes another revenue channel for you. Need we say more - you don't pay but get paid by Custo.

  • Reward/Loyalty Platform

    Custo platform provides loyalty/Reward platform for the companies. You can reward your customers with
    - Reward points
    - Scratch Cards
    - Coupons  

  • Genius Insight

    Your existing membership programmes can be easily supported by custo platform.

  • My Wallet

    Provides reward wallet for the user. User can be incentivized selectively/blanket for various activities and our wallet will take care of your earnings.